We were very impressed with the efficiency and amazing engineering in our somewhat expensive little hotel room in Freising, a town near the Munich airport where we stayed one night after the long flight, to recuperate over "night" before taking our first train from Munich to Berlin. As the pictures show we were particularly impressed with the bathroom. Note the solid glass door to the bathroom itself.

Unfortunately we have no other pictures of Freising!


Berlin 1

These shots are from Berlin on our walk one day from Viktoria-Luise-Platz to the Potsdamer Platz area.

The first three are from one of the children's playgrounds which are very common in Berlin.


kids playing with the fountain jets at the Sony Center


Berlin 2


Berlin 3


The wonderful "smart" car which we saw everywhere in Berlin:

Dachau 1


Dachau 2


Munich 1


Munich 2


Paris 1


Paris 2


Paris 3


Paris 4


The Louvre

                amazing sink and mirror in restaurant bathroom   outdoor shops           and more     from a tour boat - a little shaky  



upstairs in the organ loft...
                  an interesting optical illusion here...

little reception room upstairs, and things on the wall there...
        and things on the concrete wall of the organ loft hallway...       back down the spiral stairs            

Munich to Berlin

The third picture (the "cockpit") is worth looking at in full zoom, though perhaps the picture could not capture the "Darth Vader" effect of looking at the incredible control console and front cabin windows.


Berlin to Munich

        checking out the fancy recycle bins:                                                                                                          

Munich to Paris


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